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Xfiber Vape Cotton For Profile (6mm)

Our brand new organic cotton wick has come out now! The Xfiber cotton series! Your next level of wicking experience starts here with the 6mm thick agleted cotton strips for Profile. The Xfiber Cotton for Profile is an upgraded version of Wotofo Agleted Cotton 6mm. It is electro-cleaned, being truly odorless by healthy purification process.

The cotton is grown in Xinjiang, which in ancient times was known as "White Folds" and "Weaving Shell". Owing to climatic conditions, Xinjiang has the advantage in producing long-staple cotton and organic cotton. Its annual sunshine duration is about 2550 - 3500 hours, not to mention its superiority in temperature.

Wotofo Xfiber Cotton for Profile provides you with fast cotton preparation for your rebuilding convenience. The cotton we selected are of long fibers so that it wicks smooth and it’s not easy to pull apart. To enhance the fiber strength, multi-fiber blends are adopted. There are 10 strips in one little box. Each cotton strip is ready-to-use with proper cotton amount especially for the Profile mesh RDA or RTA.

The cotton features fast absorption capability and great retention ability, freshly packaged to deliver the purest flavor. The rest of the Xfiber cotton series will come out in the near future!

Best Cotton For Vaping

best cotton for vaping


  1. 100% Organic Cotton
  2. Electro-Cleaned, Healthy Purification Process
  3. Selected Long Fiber, Faster Absorption & Improved Wicking Efficiency
  4. Multi-fiber Blends, Great Fiber Strength
  5. Xinjiang Grown, Direct Sunlight Up to 3500 Hours per Year
  6. Ready-to-Use with Aglet on One End
  7. Fresh, Odorless and Clean Flavor Delivery