White Fox Peppered Mint Nicotine Pouches (20pcs/Can)

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White Fox Peppered Mint Nicotine Pouches (20pcs/Can)


The All White option White Fox is a fresh, nicotine packed snus containing essential natural oils. That in combination with the unique fleece pouch gives White Fox the best release of nicotine and taste.White Fox comes from the Swedish producer GN Tobacco, one of Sweden’s largest distributors of tobacco products.

Brand:  White Fox

Strength:  Extra Strong

Type:  All White

Format:  Slim

Taste:  Black pepper, Mint

Producer GN Tobacco Sweden AB
Nicotine Content 2.1 %
Nicotine mg/g 16 mg
Nicotine mg/pouch 12 mg
Snus Weight/Can 15 g
Weight/Portion 0.8 g
Portions/Can 20