Vaporesso Degree Replacement Pods (2pcs/pack)

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Vaporesso Degree Replacement Pods (2pcs/pack)

Product Introduction

Here comes the replacement Vaporesso Degree Pod which is designed for Vaporesso Degree Meshed Pod Kit. With 2ml e-juice capacity, the pod has two kind of coil: MESHED 0.6ohm coil and CCELL 1.3ohm coil. The former's optimal range is 16-22W and the latter's is 7-12.5W. The pod with MESHED 0.6ohm coil is 5 times bigger contact area; it can produce increased flavor, bigger clouds and increased airflow. While the pod with CCELL 1.3ohm coil has optimized dimension of micro pores to fully realize flavors
improved distribution of heat and liquid. And it can produce tighter airflow. Just get them as spare parts for your Vaporesso Degree Meshed Pod K



POD Capacity: 2ml
Coil: MESHED 0.6ohm coil(16–22W) and CCELL 1.3ohm coil(7–12.5W)
Quantity: 2pcs/pack


POD with MESHED 0.6ohm coil:

  • 5 times bigger contact area
  • Increased flavor
  • Bigger Clouds
  • Increased airflow
  • Optimal Range 16-22w

POD with CCELL 1.3ohm coil:

  • Optimized dimension of micro pores to fully realize flavors
  • Improved distribution of heat and liquid
  • Tighter airflow
  • Optimal Range 7-12.5w