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Don Cristo Pistachio - PGVG Labs

Product Description

Don Cristo Pistachio

  • Prepare yourself to get nuts by Don Cristo’s signature Cigar flavor showered with a tasty cream Pistachios! A must have Ejuice that you can enjoy in every puff on your favorite mod.
  • The well-known Don Cristo aroma is soaked in real Monte Cristo cigars for 90 days. A worldwide award-winning aroma.
  • Don Cristo tobacco refined with fine pistachio.
  • Simply fill up the aroma shot system with base and nicotine as required.
  • Recommended maturing time: Shake well after mixing and let stand for a few minutes at room temperature
  • Contents: 15ml aroma in a 60ml chubby bottle
  • Made in: Canada

Warning: highly concentrated aroma, not for direct use.