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Velo Zesty Elderflower Nicotine Pouches (20pcs/Can)

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Velo Zesty Elderflower Nicotine Pouches (20pcs/Can)


Introducing the rejuvenated Velo Zesty Elderflower, formerly known as Velo Elderflower Spritz, now with a zesty twist. This transformation ushers in a captivating new era for the beloved elderflower flavor. Dive into the essence of elderflower, enhanced with lively citrus notes, offering a uniquely refreshing nicotine experience. Perfect for those who appreciate floral subtleties, each slim pouch is designed for discreet use, allowing you to savor the sophisticated elderflower taste without compromise. With a medium nicotine content, it provides a satisfying balance between flavor and nicotine satisfaction. Elevate your experience with Velo Zesty Elderflower today!


Brand VELO
Product type Nicotine pouches
Format Slim
Nicotine content (mg/g) 10
Pouches per can 20
Taste Elderflower/Citrus
Manufacture BAT