Swag Minto Strong Nicotine Pouches (20pcs/Can)

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Swag Minto Strong Nicotine Pouches (20pcs/Can)


SWAG Minto Strong – Has a soft and pleasant taste of mint that lasts a long time. SWAG Minto Strong is a strong prill with 25 mg/g Nicotine that provides a fast and powerful delivery.  SWAG’s products are made completely without tobacco and instead contain soft plant fiber that fits comfortably under the lip. The slim bags contribute to a more discreet experience.


Net Weight: 14 g

Flavour Description: Mint

Nicotine Level: 25 mg/g (17,5 mg per pouch)

Pouches Per Can: 20

Pouch Size: Slim

Pouch Weight: 0,7 g

Manufacturer: AM Swedish