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Myle V5 Meta Flavor Pods (5% Nicotine)

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Myle V5 Meta Flavor Pods (5% Nicotine)


Introducing the Myle V5 Meta 5% Pods – Chock full of Myle’s innovative new mesh coil technology and anti-leak system, you can count on receiving plenty of top-notch flavour for any vaping experience. With its 2ml tank, the Myle Meta is perfect for all levels of Myle lovers – the new Myle Meta Iced Mint 5% Pods!

Only compatible with Myle V5 Meta devices. Inserting the pod into the Meta device will activate the new sealing system and saturate the coil with vape juice. Please wait time 30sec to 1 min before inhaling when you insert a new pod.

Pod size: 2 ml
Nicotine strength: 5%
Pack size: 2x pods